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Performances and events during 2010

old black and white logo with violin in front of a headframe, surrounded by a double circle containing the words Broken Hill Civic Orchestra Incorporated In April 2010, the Broken Hill Civic Orchestra officially adopted a new logo, which is shown in the banner at the top of this page. Our old logo is pictured on the left.

The new logo was designed by local graphic artist, Simon Bennett.

orchestra playing at Wesley church, with recorder trio up in the gallery On Sunday 6th June, the Broken Hill Orchestra performed a "Waltz into Winter" concert in the beautiful surroundings of historic Wesley Church (pictured, left). Guest performances at this concert included a vocal solo by Hannah Evers, and a string duet by Kristil Cowdrey and Le'Neta Edwards. A recorder trio, comprising members of the orchestra, played a suite of Czech and Yugoslav dance tunes, with the music wafting down from the gallery. The orchestra performed a wide range of music, including Strauss waltzes, Paul Simon's Sound of Silence, and Melodies from "Elijah" by Mendelssohn. Leontine Barnett, in a recorder solo, delighted the audience with Gluck's Dance of the Blessed Spirits.

Six people playing clarinets

In 2010 the orchestra was blessed with a record number of clarinettists, shown in the photo on the left. Unfortunately two of them were only in Broken Hill until the end of 2010, but they were much appreciated and warmly welcomed while they were here.

Following the orchestra's successful Penguins at an Exhibition concert in 2009, our "Return of the Penguins" concert took place at the Regional Art Gallery on Sun 5th Sep 2010.

A combined local primary schools group also performed in the concert, and some of the young musicians tried their hand at conducting the orchestra.

Voucher being presented to winner. Full size blow-up penguin looks on in the background This concert marked the first appearance of the orchestra's mascot, now known as Peppi the Penguin. A "Name the Penguin" competition held at the concert was won by Robyn Edwards. Robyn was presented with a Browzers voucher for her winning entry.

Here are the full results:
There were forty entries submitted on our beautifully hand-crafted entry forms. The standard was high and the judges were kept entertained as they worked through the creative submissions.

Winner Robyn Edwards. Name: Prince Peppino Penguin (Peppi for short). Reason: I like alliteration (also, he's a royal penguin)
2nd Place Claire McCrae. Name: Pierre. Reason: He is so distinguished with his top hat (so French)
Honourable mentions
Hannay Curtis. Name: Pinky. Reason: I like it!
Maureen Clark. Name: Sir Percival Penguin. Reason: Because he looks rather noble and pompous in his "penguin suit" and he would naturally attend the opera and musical concerts such as this!

Ross Clark. Name: Antarcticus Duck. Reason: Penguins live in Antarctica, and another famous band is "Galapagus Duck"
Hannay Curtis. Name: Civie. Reason: Because he's the Civic Orchestra penguin
Pauline McLennan. Name: Willy Flip-Wing-Waddle Penguin. Reason: Obviously he flips his wings then waddles when he walks